Featured Blog of the Week: 5 February 2014

Each week, the class votes on which blog had the best post/s of the week.

This week, the 8:00 AM class voted two blogs to be equally excellent. First, Justin Axelson, Cody Ranschau, and Jarrod Tuszka’s “The Growth of Marjane” is a blog reflecting on a variety themes in Persepolis. The equally excellent blog of Amy Hummel, TJ Karels, and Justin Montplaisir “Social Class and Oppression”, is about how different social classes interact in Persepolis. Their latest blog post is about how immigrating to another country can affect a family’s social class and interpersonal relationships.

This week, the 9:00 AM class voted Paul Bromley and Jon Dicicco’s “Marjane’s Life… Unveiled” to be the best of the week. Their latest blog post is titled “War doesn’t look so bad after all.”


List of Blogs

ENG120-02 (7976) [8:00 AM]

1. Gina Anderson, Jenna Lamb, and Alyssa Prochnow: “Beyond the Pictures”

2. Justin Axelson, Cody Ranschau, and Jarrod Tuszka: “The Growth of Marjane”

3. Michaela Elliott, Anna Knudson, Kaleb Jeske, and Brian Peterson: “The People of Persepolis”

4. Amy Hummel, TJ Karels, and Justin Montplaisir: “Social Class and Oppression”

5. Josh Rogers, Stephon Schaller, Alli Pearson, and Ian Shattuck: “Tempestous Tormoil”

ENG120-03 (7977) [9:00 AM]

1. Jaylan Abdi, Excell Bills, and Andy Kucera: “Eyes on Persepolis”

2. Paul Bromley and Jon Dicicco: “Marjane’s Life… Unveiled”

3. Amanda Carleton and Katelyn Johnston: “Changing Girl, Changing Country”

4. Colton Fleming, Chris Choles and Cory Malchow: “Graphic Novels: Strong Ways to Tell Stories”

5. Lovena Kabba and Noah Rockenback: “The Light of Elam”

6. Kayla Krance, Emily Minnick, and Hadley Steffen: “HEK’s Perspective”

7. Max Peterson and Matt Plank: “My Way or the Highway: A Cultural Analysis of Persepolis